Nearly there…

Its rolling, rear end is done, wiring has started, new fuel rail purchased, about to get a fuel reg – just need to get some time to work on it (sigh). There is a goal now. Anyway, carry on



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I’ll just leave this here for now and will update later


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Pukekohe – Grip


more on the  2 levin’s over on  2eight6


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S-Club x C’s Garage Manji – 15-09-13

Brother and I headed down to Meremere again, for a long awaited “Joe Manji” revival  day.  Put on  by Tarran, Nick & Brendan, from S-club.  This time teaming up with Joel & Adam from C’s garage.   Awesome day as usual.  Good range of cars & skill level, some nice driving all round;

Managed to grab some incar from the starlet.  Quite interesting to see what the hell im doing in there, from eye of the camera.

Brother also got a few shots. Not bad for first attempt on a dslr

















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Diff rework. Kp60 version – pt2

So with the case shortened, the axles needed some attention as well. Going way back, this was how I shortened them on the first round


Why all the sparks?  The case hardening, is just that. Hard.  So i made the special lathe tooth above.  Once through the case hardening, the end of the axle was machined down to fit together like so:


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Diff rework. Kp60 version – pt1

Lets get this back up to speed.   Rewinding to many months back:

I finally found enough motivation to rework the diff in the starlet. Had been bugging me for years, for multiple reasons. One being the toe out on the case, not good especially on a kp starlet.  The factory triangulated 4 link setup is known for being vague and giving a loose feeling.  Toe out amplifies this effect.  Other big reason, being the wheel fitment. When i had originally shortened the diff,  it was made so the +16, 14×6.5 Equips would fit nice, without spacers.   The front setup changed a lot over time, meaning it ended up with the front needing fairly aggressive offset compared to rear.  yuck.

I decided to strip the case right back and start from scratch.


Then cut the case, to add a small amount of camber. As i had done on the trueno…. Continue reading

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Angry smurf returns

So Kris and I have both worked on this previously and now its back. Well actually its been in my garage for 6 months now waiting for a new turbo to turn up. But the turbo is finally here and things are progressing.
Garreth 01 - Turbo
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