KP update 3


Pulled the X member out  to do a few realignments,  due to the extra caster up front.

Drilled the spots out of  rack mounts and removed… x-member has been cut and shut on one side in this picture, to allow the rack mount to move forward.  Other side was just a matter of cutting down the mount itself.

Welded in new location

Lower arm mounts were also moved forward 15mm to match rack. No pictures of this, but was just a matter of drilling out the spot welds, then plug welding them 15mm forward.

Made some changes to bushes and sway bar, to gain clearance between sway bar and ball joints.

Caster + diff mods =  +50mm wheelbase.

All these changes + lower offset equip o2’s, meant i could remove the spacer from the steering rack housing.  that was installed limit  rack travel.  resulting in a little more lock.

Pretty happy how it worked out. Everything works better, more front end grip, lighter steering, drives nicer, more lock.



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2 Responses to KP update 3

  1. Vaughan says:

    hey, nice setup, what did you use to extend the steering column to meet the racks new position or was there enough meat on it to reach? and good effort on your car and posts. cheers

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