Diff rework. Kp60 version – pt2

So with the case shortened, the axles needed some attention as well. Going way back, this was how I shortened them on the first round


Why all the sparks?  The case hardening, is just that. Hard.  So i made the special lathe tooth above.  Once through the case hardening, the end of the axle was machined down to fit together like so:





Alxe was pressed together, doweled at the flange end, then weld at both ends.

Factory axle on the left modified on the right.  Obliviously weaker than a factory axle,  but have taken everything a 4age can throw at them. both na and supercharged for 3+ years


This was the biggest reason i did not want to touch the diff again, Too much work.  I took a gamble and ground the welds off.  Putting  the axles in the old boys 20 tone Chinese press. Then standing off to one side  watching it flex, as i cranked up the pressure to near max. Bang! After realizing i had not been impaled by some inferior product, and the axle had moved, I was glad to put on my happy face.  Once apart I ground/machined another 50mm off each axle shaft. Pressed back together, re-welded and new bearings installed.


All this means i can use a wide range of wheels, including the aggressive offset rims off the Truneo. some work has been done to the front to squeeze the 8’s in there.  But it had to happen with stock metal in place.


I had entered my first full track drift day in the starlet, at Hampton downs. So threw the car back together with the 02’s



Drove it down to mate at local tyre shop, for its first time on a wheel alignment machine, in my hands.  Here are the results.  Note this was just a check, no changes were made other than front toe. Thank you Deon


Not bad considering!   the toe on the rear is uneven, I suspect is a chassis mount issue. Will remedy this with some adjustable links when i get time.  Also quite interesting how much caster Ive managed to dial into it over factory specs.  again all this will be evened up when i get around to it.   How does it drive?  So so much better! both handling and feedback wise.

here is the vid from hampton downs.  Note,  in the last clip something really bad happened. more on this later

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2 Responses to Diff rework. Kp60 version – pt2

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey mate i have spoken to you in the pass would you be able to contact me in regards to your diff as i too have the same issues. was going to go down the track of shortening axles and housing just to fit wheels but had no access to a lathe. i am local to kumeu any help would be appreciated. WHaworth25@gmail.com cheers

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